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Paging & School Bellin Upland and Ontario

Valcom Paging & School Bell Schedule Systems

We take pride in our wide selection of quality products. All of the bell schedule and paging products we offer are from Valcom, a trusted and dependable brand.

General Purpose Loudspeaker Paging

Instantly communicate with everyone or an isolated area/group without disrupting other areas. “Group Call” allows you to page any combination of two or more individual zones together. And with safety being of great concern of businesses, Valcom’s Overhead Loudspeaker Paging can also provide emergency notification through Valcom speakers, horns, visual signs and computer pop-ups! Most telephone systems offer limited paging capabilities.

Valcom Clocks

Valcom offers low cost, precision time clocks for schools, universities, corporations, manufacturing, healthcare and government. Our synchronized clocks provide the single, facility wide-time standard that is so important in managing your organization's daily schedule. The clocks may be used with any Valcom 2-Wire Connection and provides instantaneous time connections following power outages and daylight savings time.

School Bell Schedule

Valcom is the leader in K-12 Communication solutions including Intercom, Paging, Clocks, Lockdown, and District Notification systems.