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Reduce your phone costs in the Upland, Ontario, and Inland Empire area!

We have found that most of our customers from Upland, Ontario, Inland Empire, and beyond are overpaying for their telephone lines. If you want to reduce your phone costs by up to 50 % while getting more functionality, we are just one call away! Simply hand us your current bill so we can find your savings. Many customers from Quality Teleservices Inc. have already found out how easy it is to reduce their monthly phone costs – contact us!

Save up to 50 % of your phone costs with Quality Teleservices Inc. from Upland

As a faith-based, family-owned business in Upland near Ontario we have become a trusted name in the telecommunications industry. With over 20 years of experience in telecommunications design, installation, and maintenance we offer customized, reliable solutions that are easy to manage and won't hurt your bottom line.

SIP trunking merges your existing voice and data networks to deliver high-quality communications, typically at substantial savings. Thus, it is a great option for businesses using non-IP or digital PBX systems, because it leverages your existing infrastructure.

Moving all, or some, of your expensive analog lines to SIP trunks can immediately reduce your phone costs in half!

Get qualified and let us help you reduce your expenses in the Upland and Ontario area:

  • Free cost evaluation on your phone lines
  • Review of your phone bills for overcharges or unnecessary phone lines
  • Recommendation of alternative carriers

Call us today and start saving in Upland, Ontario, Inland Empire, and beyond!